Poem: Roam

Betsy A. Pudliner, ©2018

Walk along the Esk
Walk along the Esk

Remove the trappings of self
Cast off the cloak of humanity
Shun it
And roam.

Roam to contented copiousness
Navigate the valleys and mountain tops
The sloping hills and brushed plains
Swim the seas
Bathe in the oceans and lakes
Roam adventurously
With an open heart
An eager, respectful soul
Roam the tastes of life
The fire
Uncover hues of variety
Easy and challenging
And breathe deeply

Turn your cheek against the mist
Close your eyes and listen

Heading into the Mist
Drive from Isle of Skye to Foyers

For the eclectic choir of songs
Feel the cold warmth of winter’s sun
Upon your head
And shiver

Follow the well-worn path and look for new
Undergrowth less trampled
Explore the nooks, the crevices with a child’s eye
The simplicity hidden within complexity
Find mature clarity in the chaos
Search for roots of worth
And map their width
The depth of varied points beyond
The line of sight
And length of sunlit hours
Roam well beyond yesterday
The leaves of tomorrow will fall
But roam
For the present, soak up the champagne and bitterness
And live.

The Cuillins Sliglachan, Isle of Skye
The Cuillins Sliglachan, Isle of Skye