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London, before and now.

Tower Bridge

London, before and now. Visiting London again after 25 years. It has changed

Why do I travel?

Bridge across the River Esk, Dalkeith Country Park

There are always a host of questions to be answered for why I or people travel.

Tourism’s transformation qualities…

Gardens at Holyrood

Travel and tourism can transform you. Talk about lifespan, tourism, Plog, and tourism behavior.

Change is a part of life…

Time effects us all. Change is hard to fathom sometimes.

Defining Tourism

Edinburgh Castle

First week of module 2 starting and we will be defining tourism.

Reflection Poem.


So, I was working on my page today for the students, and of course, my mind is running amok with other ideas while I manipulate code and try to create what I need. WordPress doesn’t really give great help for what I wanted, so…

Back Home, Again

Dalkeith Country Park, Scotland

Back home home again in Scotland

How do we judge attractions successful?

We are passed the mid-way point through the semester. Students should be digging deep now to start on their projects to have them finished in the time allowed.  Their mid-term paper will be focused on developing two of their five criteria to evaluate their…

We don’t live or work in a box…

Innovative culture

We don’t live in a “box”. Life Moves at a pretty fast pace around us. Life is about movement and change. Organizations are organic, living and breathing entities.  Therefore, change is inevitable. Constant is never guaranteed, even with steadfast core values and behaviors.  Just…