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London, before and now.

Tower Bridge

London, before and now. Visiting London again after 25 years. It has changed

Why do I travel?

Bridge across the River Esk, Dalkeith Country Park

There are always a host of questions to be answered for why I or people travel.

Tourism’s transformation qualities…

Gardens at Holyrood

Travel and tourism can transform you. Talk about lifespan, tourism, Plog, and tourism behavior.

Change is a part of life…

Time effects us all. Change is hard to fathom sometimes.

Defining Tourism

Edinburgh Castle

First week of module 2 starting and we will be defining tourism.

Reflection Poem.


So, I was working on my page today for the students, and of course, my mind is running amok with other ideas while I manipulate code and try to create what I need. WordPress doesn’t really give great help for what I wanted, so…

Back Home, Again

Dalkeith Country Park, Scotland

Back home home again in Scotland

How do we judge attractions successful?

We are passed the mid-way point through the semester. Students should be digging deep now to start on their projects to have them finished in the time allowed.  Their mid-term paper will be focused on developing two of their five criteria to evaluate their…

Bogged Down

Isle of Skye, Scotland

The semester is coming to a close soon, and I can’t believe summer is almost here.  And that means everyone is chomping at the bit to escape the north of center.  I can’t escape just yet as there is so much to do.  Grading,…