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Veterans Day

Outlander STARZ

Today is Veterans Day (thank you to all that serve, or have served our Country), and another opportunity to dive into different market segments, and motivations for tourism.  Over the last few weeks we have been studying travel motivations, the tourist, and social &…

Stepping off into Magic

The Journey

Cuillins from Kirkibost Originally uploaded by bruiach1 Wrote in 2010: I wrote several years ago, well seven, actually about my meeting an elderly gentleman at Inverness Bus stop. At the end of our conversation, we parted as friends and he said something strange about…

Hibernation…(working title)

Frost on the plants

My dreams may drift, like leaves shed in autumn Lay dormant, still there Frozen, held in suspension Like a winters’ guest, waiting For the warmth of Spring © 2005, Scottish Poems II

Poem: Call me, call me home Caledonia

Call me, call me home Caledonia Call me, call me home Caledonia Back to the green blankets That marks your glens And shoulders your Lochs The landscape that arouses my spirit Now and for eternity And remains in my mind Sing me a lullaby…