The Push and Pull of Tourism

I enjoy teaching Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality.  Last Thursday, I was talking about customers, stakeholders motivations for travel in defining what tourism really is as we headed into discussing the hospitality sector.  I gave examples about my own motivations and asked them to keep in mind their own reasons to travel and use the [...]

Working on….

Sorry all, been away to a conference and then the start of university had me jumping.  But it is back to the grind. Last Spring I was asked to work and present a fifty minute lecture for our fall Ancient Lenses symposium on Greece.  I jumped at the chance, having enjoyed presenting about tourism, tourism [...]

Authentic branding in a digital age…

What does branding mean in today's technological society? Does everyone truly understand what it is, what it means? Where does authenticity come into play? Does our social media give greater depth to the definition, the meaning and characteristics of branding of destinations? What about the three environments from which motivations, decision-making behavior develop; natural/physical, socio-cultural [...]

Do you see what I see…

In May, I gave a presentation at DePaul University, in Chicago, on the Use of Technology and Social Media in the classroom. In the course of my reading, preparing for the talk, and examining my notes, I began to see patterns between the four/five pillars of social media: Research Strategy Engagement Measurement Synchronization and the [...]