Observations on Applebee’s.

Observations on Applebee’s.

Well, I guess I am weighing in on the Applebee's fiasco.  I teach Hospitality Ethics and this is making for a great case study from various points of view. First, if you haven't read the article or the complete story, you need to do some research.  I have to admit the media today is not [...]

Social and Psychological Contracts…new evolution with Social Media

Social and Psychological Contracts…new evolution with Social Media

Covering social and psychological contracts in sales class today. I do feel that these theories are evolving given the expansion into social media. Psychological contracts are usually the domain of organizational behavior; the relationship between employer and employee but I do believe it extends beyond this realm. It comes down to moment of truth in [...]

Authentic branding in a digital age…

What does branding mean in today's technological society? Does everyone truly understand what it is, what it means? Where does authenticity come into play? Does our social media give greater depth to the definition, the meaning and characteristics of branding of destinations? What about the three environments from which motivations, decision-making behavior develop; natural/physical, socio-cultural [...]

Do you see what I see…

In May, I gave a presentation at DePaul University, in Chicago, on the Use of Technology and Social Media in the classroom. In the course of my reading, preparing for the talk, and examining my notes, I began to see patterns between the four/five pillars of social media: Research Strategy Engagement Measurement Synchronization and the [...]

Organizing life…

I have been writing, in one form or another for several years and I know you have to immerse yourself in the process to evolve, enhance and develop your skills, your capabilities. I picked up Vogler's, The Hero's Journey, to help in my understanding.  I have always jotted down short stories, have a few 'novels' [...]

Images and text have greater meaning…

Heilman wrote: When narrative text and images become such a pervasive part of cultural environment they also become part of the identity of people who read and consume them...(Critical Perspectives on Harry Potter, p. 2) Self expression through social medium is the new visible journaling.  Once, keeping a journal was very personal.  Now we can [...]