FB-Timeline…Is this the reason…

FB Timeline is now the norm at the social media corral.  I wonder if they are mimicking the nature of McLuhan and Campbell.  McLuhan stipulated that the 'medium is the message' and Campbell, articulated that life is a series of events, a timeline of constant change from limited awareness to a greater awareness.  FB is [...]

It’s not rock painting anymore….

There is not a day that doesn't go by that I am not reading a news story in the cyber-sphere about how social media is saving someone or some animal. It isn't new that our sense of place and sense of community has transformed over the last twenty, thirty years. If you are not a [...]

A peak into my writing journals….

A peak into my writing journal....free write is a mainstay of my journey. I watched him, watched him closely. My eyes were drawn to his hands. I drew pleasure from the subtle movements of his hands to steer the car along the country lane, shift the gears matching the terrain. Snow had fallen over night [...]