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London, before and now.

Tower Bridge

London, before and now. Visiting London again after 25 years. It has changed

Sense of Belonging…

Outlander Season 2 EW photoshoot

So my tourism class has finished up for the most part motivation and I am sitting here reflecting on what we talked about.  I tried to convey to the students that they have to develop their own understanding of the functions of motivations for…

Place Attachment and more…

Place attachment, sense of place and more #tourism #place #senseofplace #Outlander #definitions

On the road again…

Jackson, Crocker and Bud the dog, in their 1903 Winton

On the road again…#tourism #tourismeducation #journey #historyoftourism

Tourism is a journey

White House

It seems I’ve come full circle several times in my life.  Heck, life is a journey, and it is not about sitting back and waiting for things to happen.  It is about the time that we have on this earth, and using it properly….


Sense of Place

We have been talking attractions in Tourism (HT100), and in hospitality, will be delving into singular entities of the industry (like hotels, resorts) that make up a part of the man-made or physical landscape.  What is landscape?  How does it define us as tourist?…