Poem: Call me, call me home Caledonia

Call me, call me home Caledonia Call me, call me home Caledonia Back to the green blankets That marks your glens And shoulders your Lochs The landscape that arouses my spirit Now and for eternity And remains in my mind Sing me a lullaby A sweet Gaelic song 'Aig Cridhe ar Ciúil' The music of [...]

New Presentation in development

The laws of the heart are fickle. Why we love one place over another is  wholly individualistic. What tugs at one heart, doesn’t another. Perhaps this lends credit to the thought that there is no perfection in the world.  Perhaps we need to see past the labels, look beyond the obvious and accept places for what they [...]

Reflection: Can this day be better…

So yesterday was 'one of those' days. It's gone; it's dusted; it's binned. Hopefully, today is better. I'm in the midst of grading career plans and trying to think of new ways to 'push' my students into thinking about their careers in hospitality and tourism.  The constant question that I ask and receive blanks stares, [...]