Heading into the Mist
Drive from Isle of Skye to Foyers

I grapple each day with a host of questions. Most do. Sometimes it is crippling when I am overwhelmed with tasks. They are a distraction and can be incapacitating. It is the old cliché–they muddy the waters.  They fog the path or make the journey ahead uncertain.  Sometimes, I wish I could just turn off that portion of my brain that works to derail a productive day.

But that is part of the journey.  Part of the uncertainty of life.  Some days it is as clear as a cloudless sky, and at other times, as thick as pea soup.  That is when I need to rise above the low-lying clouds, find a vantage point that helps me clarify the road ahead.

An isolated loch on the way to Foyers
An isolated loch on the way to Foyers

Or maybe, just sit and wait till the fog clears and clarity is revealed. Exercise more patience, and let the thoughts settle.  Recall that half the battle is to breathe deeply and let the quiet slip in.  But be prepared for turbulence.  Life’s journey is deceptive.  You can’t face the uncertainty without giving voice to the distractions.  There might be a hidden gem within that tornado of chaos.  I journal.  I put words on a piece of paper, reminders that I am thinking and considering you.  But you will have to wait a moment.  Something else occupies my time.

Yet, time is fleeting for all of us.  It is a constant variable that sits in the lay-by, idling, checking its’ watch.

Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye
Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye

Sometimes, I wonder if I should even worry about all the questions.  Worry about all the twist and turns that exist.  This just prompts more questions.  What am I missing when distracted?  What am I missing with all the uncertainty?

Do you hear me chuckling?  Laughing?  Questions.  I can’t escape them.  They are part of the journey.  It is how you answer them that possibly matters.  Don’t know, still thinking.

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