Why Study Tourism Goods and Services…

One of my students from my online course strolled into my office an hour ago to ask several questions.  This led to a the prompt for today. Why study tourism goods and services?  In my HT 140 classes, I introduce them to the concept of the ‘tourism umbrella‘.  They know that there are various products associated with tourism, and this course dives deeper into understanding the intricate and complex nature of those products (goods) and associated services.

I expose them to the concept of value (value = benefits-costs) of tourism to both business and the tourist.  Yet, in goods and services we try to articulate that value in all of its nuances.  That means dissecting the quantitative and qualitative nature of goods and services.  We can see the bricks and mortar, the physical of the tangible.  We can begin and understand how service is more important in differentiating tourism products.  But how do we really value goods and services?  What does value mean beyond benefits minus the cost of doing something.  How important it is to a local community, regional entity, or government.

That is why we need to study Tourism Goods and Services.

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