Back to work…

The Field Burger and Tap at Toftrees in State College, PA

Christmas break has wound down and this week it’s back to the classroom. Time to remove my email notification sign, akin to “gone fishing” and open it up for real work. Finish off projects for the semester and organize my educational environment.

I am always grateful for my time off. This year I was able to return to Happy Valley or Penn State and visit with friends.

How much the small town has grown since I departed in 2000.  New buildings spring up every year, and I am amazed at their architecture.  Yet, some old stomping grounds still exist.

The chilled wind of winter still barks across the expanse of dirt from Beaver Stadium down to Shortlidge road, and I wonder how ever I survived the frigid, hibernal winds without my current goose down coat.  Trekking over the landscape takes on new meaning with all the new guide posts.

This semester I’m teaching Tourism Goods and Services and ask the students to pick a city in a state or country, even an event to investigate.  I want them to make the connections between the infrastructure and human element.  To see how everything should work in tangent.  If one point is out of sync, then we fail.

I can’t give too much away too soon, utilizing the blog to aid them in their research.



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