Finding that right corner of the world…

Every day I’m asked by students about finding employment, the right job for them.  They slip into my office, some tentatively, others boldly, and with frustrated snarls and whispers, ask, “How do I find a job?”  Or they sigh deeply and say, “Help me find an internship?  I can’t find one.”

I get it, I’ve been there, I have a trunk load of tee shirts sitting at home.

Finding that right corner of the world, that right niche is hard.

Especially in today’s complicated world.

And that is when I tell them, hopefully, with a bucket load of optimism, persevere.  The right job, the right position is out there…and yes, there is always that lingering ‘but’, that momentary pause that tells them there’s a catch.  Sometimes you have to step outside the box, and your comfort zone, to find that niche.  To find that corner, and occupy.  I really think we need a one credit course on job hunting in today’s employment environment.

It’s brutal out there, and you have to take the punches in order to gain what you so desire.  That hasn’t changed since we could walk upright.  I then shift, and ask them what are they passionate about.  That is when I get the blank stares, the lack of emotional response, and emptiness.  My mind drifts too at this time period back to the days when I was first in grade school, and the teacher asked every one of us, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

I wonder what I answered, because I really can’t remember.  The earliest point that I do remember is a 4th grade essay, and I was into the National Park System, John Muir, and such.  I devoured a book on Muir that year, taking it out of the library several times.  I can still picture the library at Southmont to this day, and roaming the stacks of treasures.

So then I go into concentrations, and what they are taking.  I ask them why are they taking this area, and I get the usual replies.  Most days its I want to be an event planner.  I want to plan weddings, and then I hit them with the cold reality of day.  Competition is hard, and getting to that point, difficult.  But it is doable.  You just have to think outside the box.  And this is where I get frustrated, because I already know the answer more than half the time.  My next inevitable question is, “Have you done research on the career?  Where you can find jobs?”
Nothing, nada, zip.  Big fat zero.

I’ve data mined for information, and I realize then that students need a bit of boost, a shove to find resources.  And not only research about their career path, but about themselves.  They need to dig deep and find out that intrapreneur within themselves.  They need to dig deep, and soul search.  Set some goals and objectives and obtain them.

And remember nothing is set in stone.  There is always that ability, and opportunity to change.

I found a great video on Linkedin, a nice presentation on Intrapreneurship by Nancy Lyons of Clockwork.  Hopefully this might help them in that step…

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