So, you are embarking on a career in hospitality/tourism, and your worried about terminology.  You are in classes, and your professors are using words that are foreign to you, and you wonder what to do.  Read.  The simplest action you could do is read.  I explained to you on the first day of class that you need to read more, that you need to immerse yourselves in the books, in trade publications, even Yahoo, and read, listen to conversations.  Listen to what is going on around you.  Try to rephrase what your professors are expounding on in class, and apply it to the problem at and.  Make your own dictionary and try to use one each day.  Create your own blog and write about these words.  Jot them down in a journal, and see how they relate to each other.

So, terminology:

1.  Read

2. Use them to understand.

3. Use them every day to become familiar.

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