The Journey

Tourism is no ordinary journey

What is tourism, but a journey of the mind, body and spirit. In the actions that we accomplish to set out upon that path, whatever that might be, physical or spiritually, it is about choice. Our motivations are uniquely our own. Why we choose one destination over another is dependent on our point of reality, our own perspective and what we want to accomplish. What emotional tug, or pull prompts us to investigate, and gather information? What outward stimuli pushes us to get up from our arm chairs and act?

Tourism is about movement. About slipping from the spill of limited awareness to gain perspective and understanding. To shift into a greater awareness. Our actions expands the mind, our understanding of socio-cultural, economic events. The journey can be one that explores our own back yard, or farther afield. But that journey is about broadening our horizons, even if we don’t know about it.

Tourism is about time. Where we are situated in our life span sometimes dictates what are actions and reactions will be. Whether we go on an organized tour, depends on our own demographic profile and the risks we are willing to endure. If we are bolder, perhaps set forth out on our own. We are explorers embarking on a journey into an unknown place to seek out the authentic. How much time do we have? How will spend that time given us? How much time do we have to explore. Every moment in escape is about getting lost and immersing yourself within something new.

From the perspective of management, it is about that moment of truth for every individual that walks into our realm. We must see how to make their experience, whether they are 6 months old or 95 years old, unique. Each one of our stakeholders will have expectations and a vision of value that they might not be able to articulate. It is up to us to gather as much information, expound our knowledge about who they are, in order to meet every need. It is about diminishing the mistakes that might lead to service failure.

So what is a journey? Can you create several sentences to articulate what it might mean to you? Your parents, a friend? What does it mean to travel? What does it mean to be a tourist?

Carpe diem!

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