Social and Psychological Contracts…new evolution with Social Media

Covering social and psychological contracts in sales class today. I do feel that these theories are evolving given the expansion into social media. Psychological contracts are usually the domain of organizational behavior; the relationship between employer and employee but I do believe it extends beyond this realm. It comes down to moment of truth in any relationship and implied, explicit and non-verbal expressions of expectations, wants and desires. Another aspect of intangibility at work. In hospitality and tourism, the human element, the interaction between host and guests is in constant flux and dynamic, evolving with internal and external forces at play. Therefore, the social contract may take on greater meaning for both parties engaged in mutually beneficial exchanges. Whereas the psychological contract is no longer just something embedded in a business culture but extends outward to the exchange between customer and provider. It will be an interesting debate.

Social Contracts:

Psychological Contracts:

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