Arm Chair Traveller…

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Arm Chair Traveller

So who says you can’t arm-chair travel on a Sunday. I was on my Facebook account and noticed a posting and picture for Cullins fae Camas Malag – Isle of Skye by Caledoniadreamn. So had to check it out. I haven’t explored the whole of Skye and wish I had while I lived in Scotland. So I noodled around Google and found some information about this part the island. I found more ruins, standing stones, old castles, lochs and greenery. I love the Internet for the fact that I can visit places and add to my bucket list.

Loch Slapin and Bla Bheinn
Loch Slapin and Bla Bheinn

Skye is not that big compared to some islands nor is it small. It packs a pretty good punch of history into its length and breath. Sometimes its funny when I am mapping out a story and I come up with these ideas and then one day, surfing, I actually find a place that fits most of the description in my mind’s eye. It’s scary. As if I have been there before and I am now just recalling the place as I put ideas on paper. When I hit on a name, thinking entirely its made up, and then find out it’s factual, I wonder if I’m not tapped into something.

Rubh an Dunain. near Glen Brittle

Oh well, I’m just surfing today and enjoying a lazy Sunday…and thinking…how about you?

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