Poem: Call me, call me home Caledonia

Kilchurn Castle
Kilchurn Castle, @VisitScotland

Call me, call me home Caledonia

Call me, call me home
Back to the green blankets
That marks your glens
And shoulders your Lochs
The landscape that arouses my spirit
Now and for eternity
And remains in my mind

Runrig - Malcolm Jones
Runrig – Malcolm Jones

Sing me a lullaby
A sweet Gaelic song
‘Aig Cridhe ar Ciúil’
The music of your heart
To sooth my restless soul
And quiet the ache of my
Longing spirit

Break in the Cloud
Break in the Cloud






Love me as no other
Embrace me in your
Braw arms
Kiss me
Press a cup of your sweet
Water to my parched lips
And quench this wanting
Cradle me against your breast
Quiet my fears

Clashnessie Waterfall in Autumn
Clashnessie Waterfall in Autumn



Call me, call me home
Back to your forest greens
Moors of russet bracken
Bright yellow gorse
And purple heather
Let me smell the perfume
Of fresh tilled ground
The musk of mother Earth

Assynt 15th December 2011
Assynt 15th December 2011

Let me hear the whispers
Of the meadows
Where the wind talks
And spirits seem to play
Let me feel the pulse of your heart
©Scottish Poems I

Well, I’m compiling my next book of poetry to be published by Christmas. I thought I’d give you a few snippets over the next couple of weeks. Enjoy

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