New Presentation in development

A Futuristic Look Through Ancient Lenses:  A Symposium on Ancient Greece
A Futuristic Look Through Ancient Lenses:
A Symposium on Ancient Greece

The laws of the heart are fickle. Why we love one place over another is  wholly individualistic. What tugs at one heart, doesn’t another. Perhaps this lends credit to the thought that there is no perfection in the world.  Perhaps we need to see past the labels, look beyond the obvious and accept places for what they are. Look for how it changes you, how it awakens your
spirit and sets it free.

We are all reluctant to face new challenges for fear of the unknown and other nuances only our self can explain. “We balk at the threshold of adventure (Vogler).” We fear the potential of influence that landscapes could have on our journey through life. We are afraid of the connections that they might create. And yet as a writer, I find my greatest muse in its diversity of textures, illumination and voice. I find myself through travel
as I find connections with other cultures and traversing the landscape.

We are souls living in a dynamic world; a soul in transformation just as the tourist landscape. The concept of a hero’s journey as ascribed by Joseph Campbell and adapted for us in the Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler, can be applicable to the traveler’s life. This presentation will examine how ancient Greece influenced the concept of the journey through the textures of landscape, illumination of culture and voices of its ancient literature.
This dynamic development sets the stage for the development of modern tourism.

I will be presenting The Tourism Journey and the Search for the Authentic at our A Futuristic Look Through Ancient Lenses: A Symposium on Ancient Greece.  The Exhibit runs from October 7th-November 7th.  Looking forward to this.  My kids will attend during their class period for credit.  This should be fun.

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