Reflection: Can this day be better…

Sense of time and space
Sense of time and space

So yesterday was ‘one of those’ days. It’s gone; it’s dusted; it’s binned. Hopefully, today is better.

I’m in the midst of grading career plans and trying to think of new ways to ‘push’ my students into thinking about their careers in hospitality and tourism.  The constant question that I ask and receive blanks stares, or nods of heads is “What do I do now?”  Eager minds are more than counting down the days until they are free of this cage.  Sometimes I wonder if this isn’t just a game of “Life”

Game of Life

Well in today’s economic hard times, knowing what you want to do and mapping it out is preferable than walking into a interview with that same blank stare.  I wish they would do more reflection in their assignments but half the time, they just want to get it done.  Then they blame me for not following directions and their lackluster grades.  I suggest journaling, reflective journaling.

Granted, Moon (2006) stipulates that the conditions have to be stimulating enough (maybe I’m too boring) or they have to be motivated (God, knows I try).  Still this type of writing has its benefits.  I talk from personal experience.  Yet, I too, have run into that mother of all dry spells with my own journaling and reflection.  The middle of no where sucks the life from these veins and creativity from my gray matter.  How can I expect students to want to do it if I feel their ‘pain’.

I wish I was a better doodler.  I think I could convey my mishmash of clouded mind in the one big picture; one big sheet of just gray noise.  That is how I feel.  Even the magazines, their pictures and words do not jump out at me like they normally do.  So I’m stuck in the mundane, not even treading water at the moment because the mud is keeping me pinned.  How do you get out of the rut in the middle of no where?

Disneyland Paris Sleeping Beauty Castle #13
Disneyland Paris Sleeping Beauty Castle #13

I need to hit the road…need some adventure.  Need to slip into the extra ordinary.  I need to pack the ole car and fill up the tank.  I had an inkling to drive out west until reality set in and common sense over ruled that idea (economics, people!).  But again, there is more than one way to escape.  I just need to find that perfect place, that right condition in which to generate the spark.

I’m thinking…I’m thinking….

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