Today is just one of those days

Loch Duich
Wide open spaces, Loch Duich

I need my wide open spaces today. The morning didn’t start out too grand. First, I almost overslept. Second, I went to a local fast food store for my morning ice tea and oatmeal, asking for extra ice and I get three pieces. And the oatmeal, they forgot to add enough water. How hard is it to make something? How hard is it listen to a customer and make the meal properly? I mean, it’s right there on the slip of the receipt? If you still have dry cereal at the bottom of the cup as you stir in the hot water, shouldn’t that tell you something? (I really want to rant…). Then I get to work and my ice tea topples to the ground from its perch as I fished out my keys. I admit that one is my fault.

Few if any were awake in my 9am class. Granted, not one of them likes math or accounting and maybe I was speaking a foreign language but seriously, RevPAR, is fun. It’s all in the book, in the notes, in the Powerpoint slides I put up. I go over problems and then its like Friday and weekend rolls around and every thing, every formula, all that we talk about is gone, just gone. *POOF*  

Today I am missing my wide open spaces.  I miss being immersed in the blues, the greens, the fresh sweet air and dynamic world.

The Beach at Culzean, looking at Arran
The Beach at Culzean, looking at Arran

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature — the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.” ― Rachel CarsonSilent Spring

Lost in Scotland
Lost in Scotland

I need reprieve from the mundane existence of my life.  I need to sit on a bed of soft, sweet grass..even soft, frigid snow and take measured breaths of this time.  I need to get lost in order to be found.

At least to save my sanity.

This just validates my belief that I am in the right industry.  I understand the need for escapism.  I understand the pull and push into the extraordinary; the need or call for adventure.  I feel it today.  It is stronger than at any other time in the past five years.  Maybe is just one of those days, challenged by everything.  Maybe it is one of those days that needs to fly by and swing the door closed on.  Let it go, quickly with as little pain a possible and breathe a sigh when it is done.

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