Our Social Fabric…

I love the Budweiser’s commercials and especially, when in my Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism, we start our module on Food and Beverage Management.  Now I have other disciplines in my class, notably this semester consumer affairs and merchandising, even two students from psychology and one from journalism.  I try to draw parallels and inter-relationships between the historical development of beverage management (okay, brewing) with marketing, shifts in social thoughts and patterns and the development of new technology.  These areas are all vital because the needs and wants of society were changing.  Brewing was part of our social fabric and still is.  The local tavern or pub, even restaurant is at the heart of community.  Maybe not as much as in Europe and other countries, but it still remains a strong social center.  These symbolic representations also promote our own mythology (factual and fictional–just think Santa Claus with Cocoa Cola).

So I thought I’d share one of my favorite ads, one of many that I will use to discuss sales, marketing and hospitality within several of my classes.

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