Poem: Home

Sun on the grass
Sun on the grass

I gave you a quote earlier from a poem I wrote back in 1987.  Thought I post the whole thing.  This is copyrighted, published in 1993.

These emerald walls that tower above
And kiss an azure sky
I remember
They are my home

On the ferry
One the ferry to Isle of Lewis

Now I am just a passer-by
With conflicting emotions of continued
In torment do I always linger and delay
In leaving
My most favored hills

Conemaugh Gap, Johnstown, PA
Conemaugh Gap, Johnstown, PA

Under the lush canopies
That crowns my beloved path
I find my way home
To the places of my present
And my past

Glencoe Pass Pan
Pan of Glencoe Pass, Highlands of Scotland
Air Travel, Pittsburgh, PA
Flying home to Pennsylvania

Just as I have found my way
I leave my soul behind
Forever to haunt and play
Knowing that already my heart
Is buried deep beneath this clay

Sligachan Glen
Sligachan Glen, Isle of Skye

Whichever path I find
That may lead me back this way
To the home that will and always be
The one in which I wish to stay

©Home, 1993

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