Friday…We’re havin a heat wave….

Kelpie Pool
Kelpie pool
Originally uploaded by bruiach1

It’s Friday, just another day of just another week in this heat. The grass is nothing but crunchy brown and the leaves are drooping, begging for water. Several of the small streams are dry and the small lakes are covered with algae; the water not inviting at all. And it stinks, and propagating enough mosquitoes to annoy us well into autumn.

I am glad I am not in city at this time. The heat bouncing off the buildings and clinging to the pavement; a steel desert of unbearable heat.

I long for that magical, cool pool of water to bathe my feet and refresh my mind. For now it is the oscillating fan on the floor, circulating the air in the office as I try to type up notes from a journal article. A few more hours and then I can turn back to some fun and the fantasy in my mind. Enjoy the poem….from my book of poetry, A moment, A breath, a beat in time

After the city lights
The crash and grind
Shattering nerves, crushing skin
Wanting to drive past the noise
Breaking out of the bitter vacuum
To the open wilderness
Into the sound of silence
That sharp bite of green
The calm of subtle light
Strip away the unwelcome shroud
Reveal the bare ass, naked
To feel alive
And breathe before I drown
Or driven mad
And into the calm, I drift



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