Excuse me….a little rain please

On the way to Neist Point Light House...
Brilliant blue skies on the Isle of Skye

The heat has been oppressive for the last month and there is no rain in sight here in the middle of no where.  Heck, there hasn’t been rain in my neck of the plains for two months now.  You can’t think, you can’t do much of anything but skip, dash and dart from one air condition place to another. Daily life is certainly not ideal when you are stuck inside most of the time.

These are the days when I long for the cool, wet miserable days of Scotland. Even the sunny moments when the greens come alive under a brilliant sky. I have a relationship with the landscape. I loathe heat and humidity and relish cool, wet, dry, bright, dull. I loath below freezing (I’ve been in Chicago when it was -80F with the wind chill–shudder) and love forty, even thirty-two on a bright sunny day. But this 103, with a heat index of 115 is too much. I can’t think straight and I need to use my brain at the moment.

So, heat wave, go somewhere else and bring me some rain!

2 thoughts on “Excuse me….a little rain please

  1. The word ‘rain’ drew me in and then I stared quite a long refreshing while at that photo. It almost made the ceiling fan and few open windows feel like a real breeze.


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