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Mapping out the Journey
The call to adventure

I have been writing, in one form or another for several years and I know you have to immerse yourself in the process to evolve, enhance and develop your skills, your capabilities. I picked up Vogler’s, The Hero’s Journey, to help in my understanding.  I have always jotted down short stories, have a few ‘novels’ finished (but not published, haven’t jumped off that precipice yet) and just wrote for fun.  I want to turn it from a hobby into something more.  But I diverge.

As I look at my mind map of tourism, social media, the business environment and customer relationship management, I return to Vogler and Campbell (A Hero with a Thousand Faces), quite frequently.

Technology and tourism, in all its varied forms, go hand in hand.  I tell my students that tourism and technology are inter-related, Cinderella and her evil sisters, Spock and MaCoy.  They tug and pull at each other, pushing the threshold of capability and service.  Today, I had to go to the phone store and check on my contract. I wanted to know when it was up and I was there when another patron was upgrading from her current phone to an iPhone.  They were having problems transferring her contact information and other information from her old phone to the new one.  I tried to help, knowing a bit about the process and what might be out there.  I have PC, Android and Apple products.  Needless to say, I don’t think those in the store really knew all that they could do with both machines.  I left thinking that they would eventually give up and the patron would have to input the information by hand.  The customer is now entering a new sphere of reality.  Good luck.

We define our place in this world with the technology we use.  Our darkest moments come when we cannot use the technology to its fullest capacity because we have lost the ability to remember older technology (how many of you can write with a pen on a piece of paper and it be legible…my brother and I are constantly laughing at this).  Or our darkest moments, even our best moments, are captured with gadgets.  We frame our world with one tap of the keys, one snap of a camera or video.  We can explore beyond our normal arm-chair, out into a greater sphere of influence and grain greater insight.  We ease the dullness of life by interaction, by logging into the realm of social media and tap-talk, Skype or Facetime.

But we are still presented with problems within this new special world.  There are enemies and allies to encounter.  To challenge or accept, refuse or let go.  Once we have been burned, we are reluctant participants for a fraction of moment, until we gain confidence that others will have our backs.  We are willing to give up privacy in order to attain a degree of ego boosting.  Some of us want that 15 minutes of fame, while others, just want to let the world know we exist.

Mapping out the Hero's Journey, pt 2
Mapping out the Hero’s Journey, pt 2

This is a dynamic world, ever-changing with external and internal forces.  Social media just blurs the boundaries of our world that much more.  They are no longer concrete lines on a map.  And that is our first test.  How much autonomy should people have in this realm?

I can’t help but see the similarities between Campbell’s mythos, the Hero’s journey and the aims, goals, objectives of Social media.

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