Are we…

Characteristics of an innovative culture
Second part of social media research about innovative culture

Are we really an innovative culture?  I wonder.    How do we envision the use of technology?  Is it a tool or toy?  Is it both?  Is it a lifestyle choice or is it just for entertainment?  Do we have those innovators like da Vinci, Jobs and Edison still among us?

What is an innovative mind-set?

I really enjoyed Michael Gelb’s Innovate like Edison.  It offers insight into how to take your creativity, your own intelligence and construct something meaningful.  The book talks about a quality of life.  Do we not decide to do something because it will enhance our lives?  Do we not take trips, escape the mundane, ordinary world to find something special?  Does social media enhance, engage our quality of life or is it just a way to disconnect from life?  Why is it that all of a sudden we see people retreating from Facebook?  Are they migrating to the next ’15 minutes’?  How many still use LiveJournal, MySpace, etc.  Is Google+ the next ‘big’ place to be?

A host of questions and yet, still there remains the question to quality of life.

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