Images and text have greater meaning…

Heilman wrote:

When narrative text and images become such a pervasive part of cultural environment they also become part of the identity of people who read and consume them…(Critical Perspectives on Harry Potter, p. 2)

Self expression through social medium is the new visible journaling.  Once, keeping a journal was very personal.  Now we can express ourselves and open the pages of that journal for all to see.  I still keep of paper journal and retain some mystery for myself.  Technology is a tool and a toy.  We have a responsibility in using it.  It has woven itself into the fabric of our cultural norms and shifting belief structures into different patterns of thought.  Will we take the time to honor the words, the images posted by individuals.  As Campbell articulates:

Pictures invite the eye not to rush along but to rest a while and dwell with them in the enjoyment and revelation (“The Mythic Image, preface, xi”)

The truth of words and pictures are relative to one’s perspective of reality.  Meaning can be taken out of context because we are all individuals.  We should not suppress that individualism but each individual has a responsibility in the telling.  Respect takes on greater depth and meaning.  We need to go farther, further in understanding the rippling effect (multiplier effect) our interactions extend.  We can touch, influence in greater degrees and evoke change (The Dragonfly Effect, Aaker and Smith).  This is nothing new as McLuhan and others envisioned a world where technology is an extension of ourselves.  It is how we act and use that technology that will set us apart.

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