FB-Timeline…Is this the reason…

No ordinary journey

FB Timeline is now the norm at the social media corral.  I wonder if they are mimicking the nature of McLuhan and Campbell.  McLuhan stipulated that the ‘medium is the message’ and Campbell, articulated that life is a series of events, a timeline of constant change from limited awareness to a greater awareness.  FB is a ‘global village’ and we can chronicle our lives for everyone to witness.

Is there though a code of ethics that will evolve from this transformation and evolution in the halls of social media.  I for one, hate the constant rant and whinging (and yes I do that too) that seem to be a factor of life.  And now, though, we see that there are a host of people moving away from FB and that the IPO stock was not all that it was cracked up to be.  What are we moving too?  Has FB had its 15 minutes of fame?  Good question…always questions…

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