Revisiting: Sense of Self: A lack thereof

Sense of time and space
Keep discovering

I so want to break out of this ‘safe’ shell I’ve wrapped myself in. I want to get down and dirty, gritty and raw. I think so many are playing it safe right now that we are loosing more than gaining. Where are the risk takers? Where are those that will jump off this precipice and take a leap of faith? I want to get naked with life. I want to expose it.

I’m stuck though in a safety net. This is seriously hampering my creative juices. I feel like I’m slumbering and I religiously hate that. I want to cut my teeth on some dream that pushes me to the edge and either, I dive and fail or sail. But you can’t find that in the middle of no where. Unless it is in your head and believe me, the Coleman stove and tent are erected solid on that plain of existence. Yet, even my imagination is waning in the current light.

Sense of Self
Sense of self

I want to feel alive and right now I feel like I’m treading water, not going anywhere. God, B get off your duff and do something. Scrap off this mantle of inactivity, scrape yourself raw and push yourself. Yet, with this degree of inactivity, it is so easy to fall into a depressive rut. God, this is not living. I need some adventure and not this prozac nation.

We need a serious scrub till the skin is raw and red.

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